1. Food Fight

As you might know, in this game, you will join in the daily fight between Tom and Jerry, and their fight today is about food. Jerry loves cheese. Tom knows that, and he installed a trap with cheeses and other food so that he can catch Jerry. You play as Jerry, so your job is to try and collect all the cheeses at one level. You also need to avoid confronting Tom because he will catch you, and the game will be over. Use the four arrow keys to help Jerry jump from dishes to dishes. It would be best if you also avoided gas cookers and cakes. The cookers will burn you, and you will fall, and the game will end if you land on a cake. Moreover, the puddings can help you jump farther. You only have five lives in total, so use them wisely. Let’s join this game and see whether you can beat Tom or not.

2. Hidden Mickey

The next character comes from the Disney house. We all know about a lovely mouse called Mickey and his adventures with his friends, even though we might not have watched his show. But you don’t need to watch the show to play this game. This game is about one exciting but embarrassing adventure of Mickey. He and his friend, Donald Duck, go on the beach. They find a delicious food stall, and they want to have some food there. However, they argue because they don’t know who should pay for the food, and Donald takes all of Mickey’s clothes away. So now, Mickey is naked on the beach, and he’s trying to find the way home without being seen by others.

To play this game, you only need to use your mouse to control Mickey, and your job is helping Mickey get home without being seen by others because they will laugh at him. He might even be arrested for having violated public order rules. You need to take advantage of some objects on the beach so that Mickey can hide from other people. Click the hiding spots so that Mickey can move there. Along the way home, you also need to collect coins and food so that Mickey can have enough energy to get back safely. After collecting all the coins, you can go to the finish line to move to the next level.

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