There are a lot of engaging and fun board games that help to teach kids several skills such as visual dexterity, strategic thinking, mathematics, and matching. Let’s discover some among these board games.

Monkey Around (2+ years, 2+ players)

Produced by Peaceable Kingdom, Monkey Around is a great game for toddlers who seem hard to sit and concentrate on a typical board game and just love to get their sillies out. It is simple to play this game: pick one of the 40 cards and perform the movement indicated. The gameplay includes both solo tasks such as hopping backwards or balancing the included beanbag banana on head; and do-together tasks such as making a bridge for the other to crawl under, or giving high fives.

Once having completed a card, put it on the board and pick another. When the board is filled, you win. After seeing how fast the board fills up, we choose to keep playing taking turns with the cards. This is a simple game but highly engaging for 2 and 3-year-old kids who can’t stand long enough seeing their parents do funny things. Just wiggle and giggle your way through this fun game.

Roll and Play (18 months-3 years, 2+ players)

In a similar manner to Monkey Around, Thinkfun’s Roll and Play is the perfect first game for teaching your babies to follow rules and take turns. In this game, there are no winners or losers. The only goal of playing this game is to get moving and get silly. Ask your baby to throw the big plush dice and speak out the color it lands on. Then select a matching color card and perform the activity listed among the simple tasks such as “sing a song”, “give one hug”, “bark like a dog”, or “find something red”. These activities are simple but support a range of learning methods appropriate for this age group.

The Best Board Games for Toddlers (part 1)