Sweet Treats Musical Tea Set

Price: $24.99

This tea set features so many sweet things: It teaches kids counting (four cupcakes, six pieces of cake, and much more), plays teatime songs, and the teapot can make sloshing sounds when it pours.

Take-Along Shape Sorter

Price: $17.99

There are so many things that kids really love about this classic shape sorter, from the textured shape blocks and the crinkly fabric to the fun color. But what parents will love most is that everything fits into a handled bag so that it can easily be brought along with their babies. This toy is most suitable for kids aged around 9 months.

Squeezmeez Spike Narwhal

Price: $9.99

Squeezmeez Spike Narwhal is so cute and full of memory foam. Little babies can give it a good squeeze, and later be mesmerized as it returns to its original shape slowly. You can also get it in the shape of a whale, bear, or jellyfish.

Pound & Tap Bench With Slide-Out Xylophone

Price: $30.46

With Pound & Tap Bench With Slide-Out Xylophone, kids can experiment with different sounds when they hit the keys with the mallet or roll the colorful balls down the xylophone slide.

Musical Rhymes Book

Price: $14.95

In Musical Rhymes Book,there are six different nursery rhymes to page through along with a variety of ways to experience them. The book sings songs and plays music while the buttons on the side teach kids about colors and instruments.

Personalized Wood Name Puzzle

Price: $21.99

The best thing can make a letter puzzle more fun is that it spells out your kid’s name. Personalized Wood Name Puzzlefeatures colorful puzzle pieces that will be some of the first words kids will learn.

Chomp & Clack Alligator Push Toy

Price: $49.99

When your kid pushes this wooden walker around, they can hear a satisfying clacking sound of the alligators snapping their jaws. It’s the perfect toy for kids who are practicing their first steps.

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