Maybe there is nothing more exciting than shopping for a new baby. We have rounded up the most popular online sites and stores that supply everything on your list in an easy and affordable way. From clothing and furniture to bottles and toys, these online retailers help parents’ lives much easier. 

1. Amazon

Amazon is considered to be the king of convenience. For anyone who has a baby or is going to have a baby, that is nearly the top of their list for all things they need for their little one.

Amazon provides thousands of options and ships quickly. Its baby carries all of the most famous brands such as Pampers, Huggies, Seventh Generation, and more. You can also buy toys, nursery decor, and necessary electronics such as thermometers, baby food makers, and baby monitors.

2. Carter’s

Carter’s is the store where you will want to stock up on all things related to clothing for your baby. With Carter’s made-to-match items, you can fill dresser drawers easily with sweatpants, T-shirts, onesies, and socks that will go well together even if you are trying out in the dark. Carter’s also has free shipping on orders worth more than $35, so you should buy a handful of outfits at once. There’s a kids’ section up to size 14. This brand’s clothing is soft and there are so many patterns to pick from in order to fit your baby’s developing personality.

3. buybuyBaby

Whether you are beginning your registry, realizing you need more bottles, or decorating your nursery, buybuyBaby has everything you need. Its online selection is hard to beat, although there are some storefronts. You can search by brands such as Fisher-Price, Graco, or go directly to the section you need. The Nursing & Feeding section is filled with highly-rated options. If you want a hand preparing your home for your little one, buybuyBaby also has a design squad and style quiz.

The most popular online retailers to buy baby products (part 1)
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