2. Hidden Mickey

Besides the lovely characters, the animated graphics of this game also make you feel satisfied. Every detail is designed carefully with special effects, and your character also has lots of interesting reactions when someone sees him naked. Let’s play this game and help Mickey get out of this embarrassing situation.

3. Protect the Valley

To end off our list, we offer you an exciting game about a giant panda. This panda doesn’t live in a zoo under the protection of humans. He knows Kung Fu, and he also can protect people from evil crocs, and he is the protagonist of the movie series, Kung Fu Panda. The story starts when a gang of crocs comes to his valley and threatens people. They went to the noodle restaurant of Po’s father and threatened him. They said if he pays protection money, his restaurant will be safe, but Po didn’t want it. He said he wouldn’t spend any money, and he would protect the restaurant himself.

Your mission in this game is helping Po fight against the crocs. Use the four arrow keys to move around and the spacebar to punch or kick your enemies. Besides trying to knock your enemies out, you also have to close all the windows in the restaurant so that the crocs can’t break in. It would be best if you protected the restaurant and Po’s father as well as yourself. If you run out of energy before all your enemies are wiped out, you fail your mission, and you lose the game. This game is also divided into various levels, and if you want to unlock the next level, you must win the previous one. Play this game now to see how many levels you can open.

Those were some games that give you lots of fun. These games will bring back some memories of your childhood, so don’t hesitate to play them now.

Top Animal Games for Your Kids (part 3)
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