If you are at the age of 25 now, you might have been stuck with cartoons during your childhood. We didn’t have a great variety of entertainment choices like we do now. While children now enjoy playing online games with their smartphones or their iPads, we only could enjoy our favorite cartoons on television. Thus, we are all familiar with some famous cartoon characters and animals such as Mickey Mouse, Tom, Jerry, etc. Although now we don’t watch cartoons as often as we used to, we all remember these characters. If you want to bring back some good memories from your childhood, don’t skip our list of online games below.

In these games, you will have a chance to meet your favorite cartoon characters and join in some exciting adventures with them. Moreover, they are all free and available online, so all you need to do is access Google to look for the game that you want to try. Most of them retain the major storyline of the movie, which makes you feel close to the games. Now, scroll down to find your favorite character and live in your childhood once again. Above all, you can spend time playing them with your kids.

1. Food Fight

The first game in this list brings you an opportunity to reunite a couple. They live under the same roof, but they fight all the time. Of course, there are some times when they work well together, and their fights always end with the victory of one side. Can you guess which characters they are? If you are thinking of Tom and Jerry, then yes, you are right! They used to be the most famous cartoon characters of our generation. Every child used to be addicted to this show and tried to collect as many CDs as they could, and when you play this game, maybe you can recall some enjoyable memories attached to this show too.

Top Animal Games for Your Kids (part 1)
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