13) ABC by Dr. Seuss

It is one silly ABC book which makes little sense – yet kids love it! And, we think it will teach your baby the alphabet very effectively. If you buy it, be sure to purchase the hardcover and *not* its board book as the board version has been shortened.

14) Sam McBratney’s Guess How Much I Love You 

It may be one of your favorites! Here, it tells the story of one nutbrown hare who is attempting to tell the sizeable nutbrown hare about how much he likes him. Here, the character goes above and beyond for expressing his love. It is well-written and sweet. A must-have in the starter library of every baby.

15) Caroline Jayne Church’s Good Night, I Love You 

It is one sweet story about becoming ready for bed. From brushing their teeth and taking a bath, the little girl and boy in this story go through their bedtime routine. It is short enough for you to read it to your young baby. Not all, it is appropriate for any baby well into their toddlerhood.

16) Leslie Patricelli’s Baby Happy, Baby Sad

It is quite possibly among the most underrated books for children! Through a series of pictures, it shows the main character (one cute, nameless baby that only wears one diaper most of the time) through various scenarios where he is sometimes happy and sometimes sad. For example, he becomes happy when holding one ice cream cone as well as being sad when dropping it. What you may love about this book is, it is one great tool for teaching empathy. You will like to explain what happens in the photos and next ask your toddler which one she thinks the baby is happy or sad in and why. Enjoy!

Best baby books (part 4)
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