8) Edie Evans’s I Love You, Mommy! (Little Golden Book) 

They are about how much a kid likes their moms and dads. They are well-written and sweet. Told from the perspective of the little one, they say to their parents the things they love about the various activities they do together. We suggest you read these books with your child well into toddlerhood.

9) Sandra Boynton’s THE GOING TO BED BOOK 

It should be one of your favorites. This great read is great for the end of the day – it mixes in some soothing, calming text with a little silliness. You will love this book!

10) Margaret Wise Brown’s Goodnight Moon

This classic should be able to make any list of the most fantastic baby books. It is a perfect read for your day’s end. As your kid is becoming ready to sleep, one little bunny says goodnight to anything around her. The pacing is excellent, and there is something special and sweet about this book. It should be a must for any starter library!

11) Dr Seuss’s Mr Brown Can Moo! Can You

Do you love silly children’s books? Then, do not hesitate to add a Dr Seuss book to your reading list. The character in this book can make all kinds of fun sounds – say, buzzing like a bee as well as mooing like a cow. Every silly music here makes for a great read! 

12) Caroline Jayne Church’s I Will Love You Forever 

It expresses the unconditional love of a parent to their baby – for example, the very first moment when you met them, as well as when they continue to grow. You may fight back the tears as read this book to your baby. It will build your baby’s confidence by allowing them to know that you love them always.

Best baby books (part 3)
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