3) Caroline Jayne Church’s Ten Tiny Toes

Written by one of the most favorite authors, this book is considered one sweet ode to the little ones which teaches well the parts of the body. As always, the illustrations by Church are adorable. Plus, the rhyming text is sweet, short, and nicely written.

4) Gillian Shields’ When the World Was Waiting For You 

The list of the most outstanding baby books would not be complete without this one. It should be the first baby book which you buy for your baby. Enjoy reading it! The sweet, loving story will tell your kids about what it is like before they are born – say, the immense anticipation of their arrival as well as the excitement all around. It should be overall one of your go-to baby shower presents and a must for the library of every baby.

5) The book, Baby Touch and Feel Animals

It is terrific for sensory learning as well as exploration. With various textures for your little one to discover through touch, it helps your little one develop motor skills. Plus, you may love this book because it works for teaching the animals’ names as well as the sounds they make.

6) Roger Priddy’s First 100 Words

This picture book will teach your kid to define different toys, foods, animals, and items often found around the home. It is quite an essential book for children. The images have bright colors. Also, the book itself is adequately small to be tucked into the diaper bag.

7) Sandra Boynton’s Moo, Baa, La La La 

You can file it under SILLY! It is one of the best board books for kids – it brings the fun with various animal sounds. It is one book that you can genuinely make reading to babies silly and fun.

Best baby books (part 2)
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