Reading to your little one is such a valuable experience. You will always feel connected to your kids when you read. Laying on your bed or sitting in your armchair and reading several books with your children is one of the love expressions. And you may feel like a supermom afterward as you know that it is your time well spent — the time invested in connecting with your kids, teaching many new things, and opening up their minds.

It turns out to be backed by science. Since the infant’s earliest stages, reading is considered among the most potent ways that you can influence the speech of your baby as well as his cognitive development. Reading to your little one also plays a significant role in making your relationship stronger.

Through reading, you teach your kids about the surrounding world. Reading is their magical childhood part, so we believe it is not too early to develop the library of your baby and begin reading to them. In the children’s book world, we have put together some of the top picks for your child’s first year. Hopefully, you find some fantastic titles which you and your baby may like!

1) Peter Linenthal’s Look Look

It is a perfect short board book that helps your newborn improve their eyesight. Your little one will get excited when seeing this book. Not all, it is a quick read, which is great for babies from 0 to 3 age months.

2) Kate Merritt’s Indestructibles: Baby Faces 

Indestructibles Books may be one of the coolest books for children. These kid-proof books cannot indeed be ripped and can endure even the biggest puddles of drool. In case they become dirty, you can throw them in the wash! Many Indestructibles are available for you to choose from. Enjoy them! 

Best baby books (part 1)
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