Many parents are now worried because the market appears many kinds of children’s clothing with an unclear origin, poor quality and harm to children. Therefore, to ensure the health and class for your children, parents should choose products from genuine high-end children’s fashion brands for their children. Here are 10 world-renowned children’s fashion brands for parents to choose from.

1. GAP Kids

The GAP or Gap Inc was founded in 1969 and is headquartered in San Francisco, California. The initial investment of the brand was $63,000, but after a year of operation, they collected $2 million.

The main product line of Gap Kids is children’s clothes and accessories. Currently, The GAP provides jobs for 135,000 employees with 3,300 stores across 90 countries worldwide.

GAP kids also received many great awards for fashion. Advantages of fashion GAP is a variety of designs, fake designs but extremely cute for many ages.

2. Paul and Paula

Paul and Paula brand started as a children’s clothing store selling online in 2009. Up to now, this brand is considered one of the world’s leading children’s fashion brands.

If parents want their children to have unique fashion styles, this is the right brand. The price of Paul and Paula brand is not too high, ranging from 20-35 USD.

3. H&M Kids brand

H&M is an international fashion brand from Sweden, famous for its fashion line for men, women, teenagers, and children, with a variety of designs but very affordable.

H&M is currently one of the popular ‘affordable price brand’ fashion brands in the world, because the powerful design team always catches the latest children’s fashion trends, turning new ones. become newer.

Top 10 most world-popular fashion brands for baby (Part 1)
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