Right from birth, almost every child must use diapers. But not every mother knows how to choose the best and most suitable diapers for children. The following article will introduce to the women, mothers know some types of diapers for prestige, quality and most mothers choose today.


Pampers is a type of diaper including imported products from Japan and manufactured goods from Vietnam. Pamper diaper is made from soft, airy materials, moving smoothly according to each baby’s movements when the baby plays or sleeps every day. Pampers diaper material is carefully selected and safe.

Pamper diaper always brings the feeling of peace of mind as well as the most comfortable for babies when used. No intimidation, gentle, good absorbency always brings a feeling of relaxation at night.


Merries diaper is a product imported from Japan, one of the diapers for children is rated 5 stars in quality. Bim Merries is also one of the top premium diapers brands currently on the market. Bim Merries has both diapers and diapers with full size for babies from birth to 25, 26 kg. Bim Merries has been rated as one of the top 2 brands in sales in Japan in recent years. For Merries, women and mothers can be assured of quality and price.


Huggies are the only medical brand certified to help prevent diaper rash. Possessing 7 absorbing features for babies and designed to help them maximize comfort, flexibility for all physique, Huggies has been chosen by many mothers as diapers for their children. Bim Huggies have good absorbency, soft material, diaper-resistant surface will help your baby feel comfortable playing and sleep better. Bim Huggies also have many types such as diapers, diapers for babies. Mostly born.

Top 7 best diapers brands for children nowadays
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