5. Lego Toys

Denmark is the birth country of the Lego brand, so it develops strongly and ranks first in the intellectual toys industry, making it unique and creating an unlimited space for children to play creatively. With the assembling toys, puzzles made of safe plastic materials and designs, children can play non-stop and be creative, good for intelligence.

6. Brand of Fischertechnik educational toys

Field of indispensable educational toys brand Fischertechnik (Germany). Children who play with this toy are trained, develop hand-eye coordination, enhance their creativity and spatial imagination, logical thinking ability, and basic knowledge of work. turmeric. Fischertechnik’s products all meet strict quality standards (LGA QualiTest GmbH, DIN ISO) and have received the famous award “Golden Rocking Horse”, “Top 10 Toys”.

7. Intex brand

With the main function of producing products: Air beds, air mattresses, air pillows, air chairs, inflatable boats, inflatable baby swimming pools, swimming floats, jackets float, etc. and some other accessories.

Intex brand (USA) is now very popular in the world, meeting the needs of children to play and ensure safety and convenience when using by families. In Vietnam, parents can find Intex products, especially inflatable swimming pools, baby buoys at the toy stores or genuine distributors. Intex baby pool – the world famous brand

8. Kolcraft brand

If you are looking to buy good products for your baby such as a stroller, crib with good quality and ensure the quality standards, safety for babies should not be ignored brand Kolcraft brand with innovative features to bring the best products for babies.

9. Brand Cosco baby toys

Products of strollers, car seats, dining chairs in the US, etc. can not help but mention the brand Cosco. With long-standing media (1935). Cosco products are recommended for babies because of their high safety and convenience. This is also a brand selected by the Road Traffic Safety Institute and renowned car manufacturer Misubishi Motor as a brand of baby car seats with high quality and high safety features.

10. Winwintoys toy brand

It is also a brand that is present in more than 50 countries and guarantees the rigorous standards of unreliable markets.

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