Choosing safe children’s toys is a matter of great concern for parents because poor quality baby toys increase the risk of accidents, poisoning children more and more. Pay attention to what children play to develop well and safe and do not forget to choose good quality baby toys.

1. Fisher Price brand toy Price

This is a world-famous brand of safe children’s toys with a history dating back to 1930 and gradually asserting its position and gaining consumers’ trust. US-based children’s toy maker Fisher Price, one of the countries with rigorous toy standards, inspires consumer confidence. Fisher-Price is a toy brand that has dominated the toy market for over 60 years and specializes in producing educational toys for babies and preschoolers, with high quality along with product durability, safety and protection. support child development that parents should choose.

2. Little Tikes Toys

Little Tikes is a trademark of MGA Entertainment, United States with many funny and unique game products for children. At the same time, this is a brand with many contributions to creating brain development toys, thinking ability for children and made from durable and non-toxic plastic materials and widely distributed in Many countries in the world including Vietnam. Little Tikes – Top 10 famous safety toy brands in the world.

3. Mattel brand

Experienced in toy manufacturing industry since 1945 with wooden and toy items. This brand has achieved much success with many products and factories in China that ensure strict quality with high safety standards such as ASTM (USA), CE (Europe), EN71 (Europe).

4. Summer Infant

This is a famous brand of American children’s toys with many products designed intelligently, meeting the needs, diverse interests of babies and very handy to help mothers take care of their babies. The best toys before production and consumption on the market must be evaluated empirically on the market before it should meet the needs of consumers close to reality.

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