Online games are no longer for boys. Now, baby girls also can enjoy lots of exciting games. These games have sweet graphics that simulate comfortable and familiar situations. If you think easy games might bore them, you will be surprised that children can spend an hour playing them.

Your baby girl can be stylish because she helps to choose clothes for thousands of princesses. Or she can be a famous chef who makes incredible recipes. With online games, your girl can be anyone she wants, which is also the reason why they are attracted to games. So, if you’re going to entertain her or make her silent while you have to work, you can let them play online games.

1. Princess Dresses For GirlsYou only need to drag the item that you choose to the princess.

Becoming a princess is always the dream of many girls. In this game, even though your dream can’t become real, you can experience the life of a princess. You will visit the fantastic closet of Rose, who is going to have a party with her royal family. But, there is no point in taking a look. You have to help her choose the most beautiful dress for this event. Besides, you also need to match the dress with various luxurious accessories, which requires an aesthetic of a fashion designer.

You only need to drag the item that you choose to the princess. There are some tips for you to mix and match a cute outfit. Don’t match things in the same tone of color together because your princess has nothing to impress others. For example, you can choose a pastel pink dress for dark hair color or a pair of black shoes. Let’s make Rose become the most beautiful girl at the party.

Top Recommended Games for Baby Girls (part 1)
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