Choosing to buy clothes for your baby is an important thing and choosing it in the summer is more important because it is a hot time, making them extremely uncomfortable. So how to choose for the cute and beautiful costumes, but still help them to feel cool and comfortable in the hot summer months? The following tips will help the mother choose the dress for the baby in the most reasonable way. 

Costumes when going out  

In the house, it is possible to avoid the sun, so it will be less hot, but when going to the street, the child will get sunburn and heat shock if the mother does not know how to protect the baby by choosing appropriate clothes. Costumes for babies. When going to the street, the mother should wear a sunscreen, a wide-brimmed hat and a need for a mask and sunglasses.

When choosing the shirt, you should choose the type made of linen, cotton and 2-layer sewing will have better sun protection and thermal insulation effect. Avoid choosing clothes made from hard and rough fabric that rubs against baby’s skin and will make your baby uncomfortable.
If your baby is walking, he or she may not wear a sunscreen but only a box and a mask, pay attention to the baby under the tree if available. Only let your baby walk when the distance is short and it is not sunny.
Choose the clothes made of cool material
The clothes on the summer day for children should be made of cool and light fabrics. The active children never sit still but run, play and make their bodies sweat a lot, especially on hot days. Without measures to prevent and absorb sweat, the baby's body is very susceptible to disease. Typically, typhus.
Therefore, cotton or linen fabrics will help baby clothes absorb sweat faster, giving her a cool and comfortable feeling. In order to optimize the ability of absorbing and draining sweat, mother should choose for her thin clothes, soft cloth.
Terylene, nylon and spandex are synthetic fibers extracted from petroleum, hygienic, hygroscopic and breathable, good for the health of young children.  However, man-made fibers, has a poor ability to absorb moisture.
Tips to choose baby clothing in summer