As a mother you want to do the best for the little angel not only in every meal but even daily skin care. However, not all mothers know how to choose skin care products that are safe with the delicate skin of the baby.

For babies under 1 year of age, all parts of the baby’s body are extremely sensitive and still do not have as good resistance bacteria as adults. That’s why choosing a skin care product which is safe is the top priority for any parents. Here are some recommendations for moms when choosing skin care products for your baby.

Carefully read the ingredients on baby skin care products










Many moms do not have the habit of reading the ingredients when buying baby items, but just read the ads: “baby safety, soft skin …” Remember, though, reading the ingredients and composition of baby skin care is the first thing you need to do. Make sure that the product contains no chemicals that can affect the skin or health of the baby. In particular, you should carefully check the product to avoid some ingredients such as Methylisothiazolinone (MI) and Paraben – found in baby skin care products.

Choose baby skin care products containing natural, odorless ingredients











It is a strange thing that most mothers often like strawberry, banana, etc. products for baby skin care products. That is absolutely not the case. Because incense chemicals can penetrate the skin and cause harm to the baby. Preferably, choose the type that does not have any smell, it will ensure absolute safety for the baby.

Because your baby’s immune system is not fully developed, the baby’s skin is susceptible to external aggression. In addiyion, It is also vulnerable to irritation and damage when exposed to rough surfaces or corrosives. Therefore, you need to choose baby skin care products that do not contain allergens, help regenerate and maintain the skin physiological pH, clean the dirt on the skin and suitable for baby skin. The safest is to choose the products made from natural herbs.

Buy baby skin care products from well-known brands








Products from reputable brands may be slightly more expensive but obviously better for your baby’s skin. Ignoring products that have no brand name, floating products on the market.

Selection criteria for baby skin care products
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