Reading to babies is a continuous process after pregnancy. If this habit continues until the baby realizes the importance of books will help babies develop IQ to the maximum.

Books are soulmates of the pregnant mother and the fetus. She has been able to read books to babies since she was still pregnant, helping her to progress with passion for reading. Postnatal continues to select books for babies and read every day is even more wonderful.

If you’re just starting out, realizing the importance of books to babies and toddlers, parents may need to ask a few questions. Here are 7 common issues that parents need to know:

When to read books for a baby?

As soon as the baby can hold any book. The baby is too young and he/she does not understand a word, it’s okay, the parents can read it. After all, one day you will understand the meaning of each word, that it is a symbol for the characters and the protagonist who makes the content and that is … a book.

Through reading books to children, parents stimulate their brains, listen and touch each page and they begin to learn about this vast world.


How to read books to increase your baby’s IQ?

No one who is sure about how much reading will help increase a child’s IQ only knows that playing with books and looking at pictures every day along with affectionate voice will increase EQ (emotional index contact happy).

Have you ever seen your little angel suddenly smile when you see his favorite animal? Do you remember when I giggled and clapped enthusiastically when I gave a long-lasting favorite item on every page of the book?

It is one of the special benefits that daily reading brings. Children love books and memorize characters very quickly. He likes to turn the pages of a book and listen to what happens next. Your baby’s brain is working and developing all the time. And the ultimate experience is to lead the love of books to become a passion for reading.

More importantly, this is a simple tool to help family members interact and share more with each other.

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