Are you worried about not knowing what to prepare for your baby who is about to be born? To make sure you have enough supplies for your baby without missing and wasting, you should make a list of things to buy and buy them when you have free time before giving birth to avoid being passive.

Below is a list of baby essentials that we think you should prepare.

1. Diapers

You need to prepare diapers first. The number is about 30 pieces for each type. Big diapers should be chosen to cover both the baby’s legs and thighs.

The mother should change and wash, diaper diapers daily. Diaper diapers should be replaced after using for a maximum of 2 months. You can use diapers to close the diaper for your baby or use to clean your baby. For diapers, diaper pants can be used, which is very convenient.

List of newborn items to prepare before giving birth (part 1)

2. Towels

Need to prepare buckets, milk towels, each about 10 pieces; Towels are about 2-3 pieces. It should be noted that the baby’s skin is very soft and sensitive so the mother should choose a soft towel so as not to cause baby pain. Use a towel to clean the baby, wrap the baby. Milk towels can be used as face towels, baby wipes, and baby towels. Towels used to clean babies and wrap babies after bathing.

3. Socks

Prepare about 5-10 sets. Socks or sheaths help keep your baby warm and prevent them from scratching their face.

4. Hat cap

You should choose the type made of fabric, cotton or thin wool. Hat cap used to protect the baby’s fontanelle. You should prepare about 3-5 pieces.

List of newborn items to prepare before giving birth (part 1)