5. Newborn clothes

You should choose soft cotton clothes that absorb sweat because the baby is very sweaty. Another note is that the baby’s body grows very fast so you don’t need to buy much, just prepare about 5 for size 1-3 months and 5 for size 3-6 months. If the mother is born in cold weather, it is better to prepare more warm clothes for the baby.

6. Umbilical cord, tongue

An umbilical cord or tongue are usually purchased at a pharmacy. Mothers should prepare about 5 boxes of umbilical capsules, replacing them daily. Umbilical bandage is used to bandage your baby and keep your baby warm during the first few months of life. Hold your tongue to clean your baby’s mouth, and prepare about 10 boxes of disposable blades.

7. Concave pillow, wooden block

List of newborn items to be prepared before giving birth (Part 2)

The mother should choose a pillow with cotton material, the concave pillow must be soft to prevent baby’s distortion. The pillow is used to hold the baby’s side, so that the baby has a feeling that there is always someone next to him so that he will not be startled. Prepare each type about 2 pieces.

8. Milk bottles and accompanying tools

The mother should buy milk bottles with anti-choke valve, prepare about 2-3 pieces to alternate. There should be additional cleaning tools for bottles and milk bottle cleaning tools.

9. Ear cotton swabs

They are used to clean the ears and nose for babies. Should choose soft cotton material.

10. Absorbent paper, lined paper, wet paper

Use the paper to keep baby dry and hygienic.

11. Oil, bath water

The oil and bath water is used for babies when bathing, baby clean and fragrant.

12. Scratching cream or anti-diaper cream

The cream is for skin care and anti-diaper rash for babies. Should be applied after a baby shower.

13. Metallic tape

The metallic tape is used when wrapping diapers, fixing diapers safely for babies. For both boys and girls.

List of newborn items to be prepared before giving birth (Part 2)