Choose the right diaper type

– The first thing to do is decide which type of diaper you want to use. You can choose a diaper if you want to be environmentally friendly, safe for your baby’s skin or diaper / disposable diaper if you want to be comfortable, easy to use.

– Choose diapers that are medium in size and fit your baby’s gender. Too tight diaper can cause discomfort, increasing the risk of diaper rash, inflammation. While wearing diapers are too wide to easily shuffle, leakage of urine,…

– Usually, the diaper has three main layers, especially the inner layer which is in direct contact with the child’s skin surface. It should be non-toxic, soft and free of plastic and polyester.

– A good diaper will help moisturize the skin, protect the skin against irritation and rash.

– For babies who have not relinquished umbilical cord, diaper should be opened so that this area is dry, not rubbed.

– If your using diaper has urine leaked too often, it means that this type of diaper does not have standard absorbency. Therefore, You should replace aother type to avoid leakage.

If your baby isn’t comfortable with the diaper, stop using it for a while then replace it with a suitable one.

To prevent diaper rash, mother should remember the following:

– Newborns need 7-8 diapers per day, children needing 5-6 diapers a day for a few weeks

– Change the diaper often. Rinse the area gently to avoid rubbing on the skin.

– Make sure your baby’s genitals are clean and dry before replacing a new diaper

– Do not use diapers regularly, but allow the baby to vent a little before aother diaper.

– If using cloth diapers, wash them with a non-fragrant soap, containing mild detergent

– Always wash your hands thoroughly before and after changing diapers to prevent the spread of germs

– Do not rub diapers too tight or too loose
We hope this artical will give you the best advice for choosing diapers for your little baby

How to choose diapers for your baby
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