Clothing is very important at the time babies adapt to the outside environment. Choosing to buy newborn clothes and ensuring quality for babies is a very important task that mothers need to pay attention to.

The following article will give you the most important and complete information when choosing to buy newborn clothes for babies.
1. Choosing clothes according to your baby’s weight and height

Through monthly ultrasound, especially in the last months, you can know your baby’s weight and length to buy clothes. In fact, the size of your baby’s clothes will depend on the measurement of the length and weight. To find the standard size for newborn babies, mothers can rely on standard size tables.
Because sizes in many companies is different and may not follow the standard size table, you should choose clothes base on the actual size and development of the baby.

2. Choose according to the material

You should choose items made from well-ventilated, absorbent materials such as cotton or natural fibers, avoiding hard fabrics, which may make your baby uncomfortable and itchy. With cotton, you should choose a slightly larger size because this fabric often shrinks after the first wash.

3. Selecting by product brand

When buying items, you should also pay attention to the brand and product labels: Read carefully the information written on the product label, including the manufacturer’s name, ingredients (material), how to wash. Depending on your budget, you should choose to buy products from familiar names, such as local manufacturers or well-known brands, to avoid unknown items and labels. Be sure to cut off the label on your clothes before giving it to your baby because this label can rub against the skin, causing discomfort to the baby.

Important notes when choosing to buy:

– Quality is the top priority.
– Do not buy too many newborn clothes at a time because during this time your baby will grow very fast.
– Light white and white are recommended for babies because they do not contain or contain very few colorants that are harmful to baby’s skin. Colorful clothes can be very beautiful but not safe to wear, because dyed fabrics often contain toxic chemicals that cause irritation or skin diseases for your baby’s delicate skin.

How to choose clothes for your newborn baby
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