Material soft and smooth cradle to protect the baby’s back. At the same time, the bottom of the bed should be chosen as a mesh fabric to increase ventilation and protect the baby’s back from curling due to the stiffness of the crib.

The cradle bed area should be wide enough, creating a comfortable and comfortable place for babies to lie and blankets, pillows for babies. Choose an elegant, simple design with bright colors to stimulate your baby’s brain. At the same time, parents should also choose to match the house furniture.

Check out the convenience of the crib

Crib is designed as a place to sleep, where the baby rests and plays when their parents are busy at work. Choose cradle products that have the ability to bring the cradle automatically and flexibly. Other essential features are: having a thin veil above to protect the baby from attacking mosquitoes, toy hangers, music playing mode.

Choosing to buy a crib needs to calculate the flexible use value. Fold it neatly away when not in use, the ability to move easily, use it simply, Parents also need to calculate the height of the child to choose the size Suitable crib, long-term use.

Brand and prestige price

Priority to buy products from reputable brands in the market. Baby cradles from brands are rigorously tested for quality, safe materials, safety engineering design before being delivered to users. At the same time, users will be guaranteed the product during use.

How much does the baby cradle cost?

Consider the price of a baby cradle in accordance with the financial plan, use it once or many times. The price segment of baby cradle products is quite diverse, users need to check the technical information and compare the prices of the same models to choose from.

Criteria to choose to the best baby cradle you should know (part 4)
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