Fabric crib is for dry, soft fabric design for children. However, durability is not appreciated as a wooden crib. Cradles used only for children under 6 months old, older and heavier babies will be difficult to use, quite wasteful. The price of cradle is quite cheap, less than 2 million.

The best 4 steps to buy cheap baby cots is recommended

Baby cradle is an essential support tool to take care of babies in the age of newborns, helping parents relax more in housework. Diverse product segments, designs, designs, materials and prices different. Users should refer to the following criteria to evaluate the baby cradle most suitable for children:

Check the safety of the crib

Baby cradles for babies from birth to 1 year old, top requirements are the absolute safety level for children. The cradle will be a bed, where the baby is playing, flipping over. Therefore, the cradle design requires high safety to protect the baby. The rhythm of bringing cradle gently, should not be too strong to affect the nervous system and the development of the baby brain. The structure is safe, firm, not flipped when the baby is inclined, stirring or waking up and crying. For electric cradle models, it is necessary to ensure absolutely safe electrical design, effective insulation with baby cradles located.

Buyers need to check whether the zipper details, metal hooks and screws are sure or not, high quality materials that are durable for baby safety. The details inside the crib should be processed safely, carefully, without sharp edges, which are dangerous for children.

Check material and crib design

Baby cradle is produced from a variety of materials: wood, rattan wire, metal, high-quality cloth. High-quality materials, non-toxic chemical components for children, do not cause irritation to children when exposed to baby skin as part of shallow heart.

Criteria to choose to the best baby cradle you should know (part 3)