Wood cradle – Crib is made of natural wood material, safe and child-friendly. Usually designed fixed or put but manually, do not use electrical energy.

Fabric crib – Material of cloth cradle with high elastic mesh, alloy steel or wooden cradle frame.

Should I buy a crib or baby cot better?

Should I buy a baby crib? To meet the need to create a separate bed environment, safe for children, many products are improved in size for children. Cribs and cribs are 2 popular products. Should parents choose a crib or baby cot?

 Baby cradle soft design, support cradle for the baby to sleep. Often selected for babies from 0 to 1 year old, when babies need soft sleeping areas to develop stable bones and joints.

A crib with a more sturdy and sturdy material will be suitable for babies to sleep, play and practice, to stand, and should choose for babies from 6 months and older.

Should buy and use wood or wood cradle?

Is the baby crib good? The cradle is improved with many different materials and uses. Electric cradle, wood and fabric product lines are popular in the market with user-specific features to consider to choose:

Electric cradle uses electrical energy, just turn on the switch to be active, automatically bring the cradle to sleep. Quietly designed for children’s development. The cot works automatically so it is more convenient and hands-free for moms to do housework. However, it is necessary to carefully choose to buy genuine, quality electric cradle to not cause danger to children.

Wood crib is designed to be safe and safe for children who are most chosen. Safe and flexible use with high durability. Diverse models, however, the wood material will be quite heavy to move. The price range is diverse.

Criteria to choose to the best baby cradle you should know (part 2)
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