1. Colors

With bright color clothes such as white, pink, green, ... will have miraculous effects in making the baby feel more fat. Or textures with large patterns, horizontal and vertical stripes also help to make your baby's body become fuller
2. Material
Material is also very important in choosing costumes for babies. Parents should choose raw or slightly hard materials, such as cotton or khaki, which will create a certain bulge to help cheat the baby's body weight. Avoid choosing clothes with soft, smooth material that will reveal your baby's body

3. Designs

Depending on the body, skin color, there will be different styles suitable for each person. This is not only true for adult fashion but so is children’s fashion. For thin children should not let the baby wear tight clothes, armpit, two strings or too wide costumes. Plain, non-patterned clothes are also factors that make babies look taller

4. Choose a shirt
Selecting more detailed shirts, vertical stripes and bobbing will make your baby look stout. Avoid a simple three-piece, halter top, but instead you can choose a t-shirt bat blouse, or a fairy blouse - both cool and help your baby looks a little fatter
5. Choose pants
it is necessary to have a pocket on both sides, a back pocket or a pants with a design with ribbed sides. It is best not to choose tight pants like legging because they will show their skinny body.
Just like the shirt, when choosing pants for babies, moms should stay away from tight pants like legging because they will show their skinny bodies.  mother can mix with pull shirt, shirts .... In addition, the material is also the secret when choosing pants for children, instead of materials that are too soft, the material is quite hard but comfortable to stretch to help your baby hide the weight weaknesses
Choosing clothes for thin baby