There are so many baby bottles on the market it is not hard to find them, but finding the right nipple for the bottle is very important, especially for your baby. You have to choose the right nipple so you and your baby will feel comfortable using it.

Nipples for bottles will typically be made of either latex or silicone. Nipples that are made out of latex are more flexible and are also softer. That can be good for younger babies and those that are going to be bottle fed rather than breastfed. A latex nipple will not last as long as a silicone one and sometimes babies can be allergic to them. A silicone nipple is firmer and they will last longer, however, it is not as soft and is not always ideal for younger babies.

Traditional Nipples

One thing that you need to take into account when buying a nipple is the shape. More traditional nipples are dome-shaped and look like a bell. There are special orthodontic nipples that are uniquely designed for a baby’s palate and gums and while they are more expensive their bulb that is flat on a side and will rest on the baby’s tongue. Nipples that are flat on top and wide nipples, for use with wider bottles, are popular to use when a mother makes the transition from breastfeeding to bottle feeding. The reason for this is that they are supposed to give the baby the real feel of a mother’s breast, which can make the transition easier.

The size and flow of the nipple are also very important, as you want your baby to get the right amount of liquid and not too much or too little. There are different sizes and flow speeds for nipples, and they go from slow to fast, so, for example, one would be the slowest flow. The younger the baby, the more they should have a low flow as not to give them too much breast milk or formula. As the baby grows older, you can increase the flow of the nipple. This will allow your baby to get the right amount of liquid. The more a baby learns to effectively suck out of the nipple the size of it can increase.

Buy the Right Size Nipple

When you are buying nipples, you will see that they have sizes and a suggested age range. The latter is simply a guideline and not a rule, so if a baby does not use the guideline, it is not something to worry about. A good thing to do is find the size, age, and flow nipple that will be just right for your baby and you may have to try a few different nipples to do this. Check to see if your baby is getting enough formula or breast milk in a comfortable fashion and if they are not trying out a new nipple as with so many out there you will find one that is just right for your baby. If there are any health concerns, you have when your baby is being bottle fed check with your paediatrician, and they may have some useful information on the right nipple for your situation.

Buying the Right Nipple for a Baby Bottle